about the legend of the blue mermaid

Can Team Umizoomi rescue the Blue Mermaid from a secret sand castle & reunite her with all her friends?


Learn all about The Legend of the Blue Mermaid here, then watch it right after the premiere of Team Umizoomi's Shark Car episode!

Episode Synopsis

While visiting the beach, Team Umizoomi discovers a statue of The Blue Mermaid. According to the legend, the Blue Mermaid once lived happily in the water by Umi City. Her tail was covered with beautiful blue scales that were so sparkly they could light up the sea. But one day, a scheming squid named Squiddy captured the mermaid so that he could keep her sparkling light all to himself. Just then, a bottle washes up on shore next to the Team. There's a message inside and it's from the Blue Mermaid! She needs Team Umizoomi to rescue her from Squiddy's secret sand castle. To help them find her, she's sending a trail of her sparkly scales to follow. But it's not going to be easy. Squiddy the squid will stop at nothing to keep Team Umizoomi from saving the day.
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