umicar's birthday present

Don't miss UmiCar's birthday, Mon., April 22 @9:30AM ET/PT on NICK!

You're invited to UmiCar's birthday celebration! But before you RSVP, find out more about the episode here, and don't forget to make your own Umirrific party featuring the coolest car in Umi City.

And be sure to check out this exclusive sneak peek online.
Milli, Geo, and Bot are planning a special party—a surprise party—for UmiCar's big birthday. All of UmiCar's friends have been invited, including his good friends Dump Truck and Shark Car. They've got a birthday cake, a piñata, and a special birthday present for their special friend.

But a couple of uninvited guests show up—the Troublemakers. Uh-oh, the Troublemakers steal UmiCar's birthday present and flee in their Trouble Truck.

The Team needs to activate their mighty math powers to track down the Troublemakers and retrieve the present. To find out what Team Umizoomi got their loyal friend for his birthday, you'll have to tune in, Monday, April 22 at 9:30AM ET/PT only on NICK.

To help celebrate UmiCar's automotive anniversary, join the party right here at
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