umizoomi shark car

Milli, Geo, and Bot go on one shark-tastic ride to get Shark Car to the ferry in time. You can make Shark Care at home so your child can play along!


Learn all about the Umizoomi Shark Car episode, watch a clip, and make a craft with your little UmiFriend at home.

Episode Synopsis

Team Umizoomi is playing at the beach with their friend Jose and his favorite toy, Shark Car--a really cool car that looks just like a shark. When it's time for Jose to take the ferry home with his parents, he puts Shark Car in his beach bag and says good-bye to the team. But when Jose boards the boat, he realizes Shark Car isn't in his bag anymore--it must have fallen out somewhere along the way! He calls Team Umizoomi, and they jump into action. The team needs to find Shark Car and get him back to Jose before the boat leaves, and the team can't do it without "UmiFriend"--your preschooler! Tune in with your child and join the team for a shark-tastic ride across the beach, through a jetty of patterned tunnels, and along the pier, triumphing over obstacles and traps along the way to get Shark Car back to Jose!
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