meet the fresh beats!

Meet Marina, Kiki, Twist, Shout, and their friends on Nick Jr.



Vivacious, bubbly, and spunky, Kiki is also a "kickin'" dancer who loves making up new dances and teaching them to her friends and band mates. Plus, she can rock the guitar and the violin!
Favorite colors: pink and mint green
Favorite expression: "Kickin'"


Marina is an awesome drummer and the "rock steady" beat of The Fresh Beats. She brings her drumsticks with her everywhere she goes and can play any drum (or anything resembling a drum) that you put in front of her.
Favorite colors: teal and purple
Favorite expressions: "Ready, steady, play" and "Hip, hop, and pop!"


Twist is a DJ, a skilled rapper, and a beat boxer. His instruments of choice are his super cool mix-tables and his voice. Twist is really imaginative and a natural jokester. Even when his outrageous ideas don't come about, he doesn't get into a twist; he just goes with the flow!
Favorite colors: yellow and blue
Favorite expression: "Sweet"


Intelligent, confident, and bursting with energy, Shout loves to jam on his keyboards and he loves to dance, too. He gets really, really excited about everything, and his excitement is contagious!
Favorite colors: orange and green
Favorite expressions: "Cool beans" and "Stylin'"
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