Giant Pizza!

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Ages 3-6

It's the grand opening of Harper's Singing Pizza Cafe, and the band is set to perform one of their new songs. But there are so many customers that Harper needs their help. Twist has a sweet idea: make one giant pizza for everyone to share!

,,This is going to be big, so help the band gather ingredients using a ,forklift. Lift and lower the forklift by clicking the up and down arrows on ,your keyboard, and roll over an ingredient to collect it. Press the space bar to raise the forklift to avoid beach balls, sneakers, and other things that don't belong on a pizza. The forklift's meter will fill up when enough of each ingredient is collected. Gamers will then receive an ingredients badge, giving the band something to sing about!

Developmental Skills Features

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Music skills include: singing or playing instruments, dancing and moving, appreciating different styles of music, and understanding concepts like rhythm and dynamics.