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Inside an old clock shop is a wall full of clocks. And right in the middle is one very special clock. This is the Tickety Toc Clock.

As every hour passes, it springs in to life to chime in the time. It all happens as regular as clockwork! But chiming the time isn't as easy as it seems! For behind the face of the Tickety Toc Clock lies an extraordinary world where things don't always run so smoothly.

What the Show's About

Tickety Toc clock is a portal into a fast-paced, dramatic and colorful CGI world full of wonderfully odd characters and slapstick surprises. It's a magical and hilarious place inhabited by puppy-dog trains, hare-brained rabbits, cooking cows, and weather-obsessed chickens. In the eye of this chaotic comedy storm are our two heroes--the twins Tommy and Tallulah. As they race against time to keep the clock ticking and chime in the time.

Tommy and Tallulah do everything with utmost enthusiasm, commitment and positivity--even if that gets them further and further into trouble! They share that 'I want it to happen now' impatience of all preschoolers. Tommy and Tallulah love each other, back each other up and egg each other onÂ… a convincing 'well if you're sure, then I'm sure' is all it takes to confirm both their commitments to a course of action.

This 'can do' spirit can often produce a calamitous outcome, but their individual approach to a sticky situation and joint resourcefulness always shines through and saves the day! Through Tommy and Tallulah's madcap adventures, Tickety Toc explores concepts of teamwork, social responsibility and problem solving in a fun and engaging way. Tickety Toc isn't a show about time-- time is the show. A civic sequence that must be completed by the whole Tickety Town community: The hourly Chime Time of the Tickety Clock! So clock in on time, all the time, for Nick's new preschool hit series Tickety Toc.

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