Join the Circus

Watch Wonder Pets! on Nick Jr.

Ages 3-6

Head for the big top and help the Wonder Pets with three circus-inspired adventures. Use your letter skills to help the seals spell out words on their beach balls. Click on the letters as Tuck calls them out. Next, help swing the orangutans across the platform by clicking to make them jump onto the trapeze and clicking again to make them jump off on the other side. Finally, it's a mad scramble to search for all of the silly penguin clowns. Click on as many clowns as you can before time runs out.

Developmental Skills Features

READ with us

Read with us skills focus on early literacy and include: listening, comprehension, speech, reading, writing, vocabulary, letters and their sounds, and spelling.

CREATE with us

Create with us skills involve self-expression, experimentation, and imagination through visual arts (like painting and sculpting), dramatic play, cooking, and dance.