zack & quack's curriculum

Find out what developmental and pedagogical skills your child will learn while watching every episode of Zack & Quack

Find out what your children how your child can learn, develop and grow socially and emotionally when they watch Zack & Quack.
Zack & Quack invites preschoolers on an action-packed ride through the pages of the most amazing pop-up book ever. In a world of adventure, surprise, discovery and pop-up play, your child will learn important aspects of imagination and creative problem-solving skills.

Watch & Learn

Imagination and Creativity: At the heart of every pop-up book is one thing--surprise! The series celebrates the idea that surprises are everywhere in this wondrous world and you never know what's going to happen when you pull a pop-up tab. Through Zack's reactions to interesting pop-ups, imagination and creativity lead to new ideas and skills. The character's curiosity and active imagination promote creativity and flexibility of thought.

Creative Problem-Solving: Like any good adventure, there are always obstacles to overcome. This is especially true in this pop-up world, where twists and turns come up on every page. The dynamic duo of a boy and his best friend invite preschoolers along on their daily adventures in a fantastical world. The characters never know exactly what to expect as the story unfolds and they work through challenges together.
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