Baby Shark’s Jaw-some Adventures!

Hold on to your fins, it's about to get fishy! Swipe to see Baby Shark and his friends on their adventures in Carnivore Cove.


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WOW! Baby Shark, William and Vola can’t hold in their excitement! What could be so jaw-some?!


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It's all laughs and abso-toothly big smiles when Baby Shark sees his BFFs (best fishy friends)!


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Baby is ready to ROCK out, but not without his eel-ectric guitar, rockstar glasses, and his best buds!


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Sharki B teaches Baby and William how to bust a fish-tastic move with the Seaweed Sway!


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Baby and William have got the shades and the ice cream! Could they get any cooler?!


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Looks like Baby and William are diving fins first!


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No better way to end the day than with a big fishy family hug!